Music List

Listen to us perform for you right here on our web site!

We perform familiar classical music for your wedding, party, or other special occasion. We also offer "lighter fare" for receptions and parties. Use the player to listen right now. You may not know all of these pieces by name, but you will probably recognize them when you hear them. You may be able to borrow CDs from your local library to listen to the melodies of other pieces.

We have too much music to list on one page!
We've broken it up into some broad categories and put those on separate pages. Click the links above for lists those categories.

We will be happy to offer suggestions for appropriate music for processionals and recessionals.

In some cases, we can arrange popular music for our trio as well. In recent years we have added Fields of Gold, Theme from The Notebook, Wonderful World, and others.

"I wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to help me to pick out the music. You helped make a day that Laura and I will remember forever, thank you."